Today is NOT Yesterday!!

Don’t feel guilty for your yesterdays. You can always start fresh today. Skipped a workout, overindulged on the sweets, didn’t complete all your “to do” items…All these regrets take up valuable space in your mind and heart. Here’s what you do…
1. Acknowledge your thought or regret. Give it the proper amount of attention. Skipped a workout- not really a big deal- don’t waste another second. Failed to do something you promised- think about that for a minute or two.

2. Understand why. Why did you or didn’t you do that thing? Was the reason legitimate, an oversight or on purpose. Ask yourself, can I do something about it now? If yes, do it! If no, don’t dwell- move on.

3. Make changes for today!!! Prioritize your priorities! If health is a priority then meal plan today for tomorrow, or do your workout first thing in the day. At the very least schedule those things into your day and treat them as official appointments.

By keeping your regrets list clear, you will have more mental space to process and prioritize things as they come. Then you will be able to prioritize your priorities!!!!

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