4 Steps to creating a fitness program you can stick with

Building anything that lasts is difficult.  We thrive on the quick and easy but that shouldn’t be the case for your fitness program. When constructing a fitness program, we can learn a lot from the Romans. Below are 4 easy and useful tips to ensure that your program will stand the test of time, just like Rome. 

  1. Rome wasn’t built in a day!!  Start small. If you are currently not exercising, start with 5 minutes of activity each day. Then build to 10, 15, 20. If you are exercising then add an extra 5 minutes or an extra day. Habits are built by making the same choice over and over until it becomes automatic.    
  2. Rome was not built by one man. It took teamwork.  If you have tried to exercise before and your motivation took a nosedive, find a partner that can help you through the tough days. Exercising with a friend can make time seem to fly by, seem like less work and keeps you accountable.  If you cannot meet in person exercise, then send a sweaty selfie or report of what you did to keep each other accountable. 
  3. Make it fun!!! Without a doubt, the Romans had their days of hard, grueling work but I’m sure there were also pranks, jokes and laughs to help them make it through day-after-day. If you despise running but add running to your fitness regime, it will discourage you. However, if you choose an activity or location you enjoy, it will motivate you to get started.  For example, if you are social then try a fitness class. If you enjoy being in nature, find a trail or path to walk. If you don’t know what to do, hire a trainer- I know a good one 😉.
  4. Celebrate the Milestones along the way! You don’t think that the Romans had happy hour apps and drinks to celebrate a long week of building? While I’m not suggesting that you reward yourself with happy hour half price apps, I am encouraging you to reward yourself frequently.   Don’t wait until you have achieved your end goal because you will likely lose motivation long before then.  Celebrate in the daily, weekly and monthly victories that lead to the Grand Finale.  You can create your own list and timeline of rewards, but some good motivators are a weekly coffee on Friday, a hot new pair of shoes, a massage, those cute scrunch but workout pants etc.  Having a tangible reward to work towards and remind you, can keep you going strong when the “don’t want to” vibes are strong.  Just be sure that your reward does not hinder the progress that you made. 

Now get to planning, taking action and hitting those milestones!

You can do it!

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