Cancel the Scale!

I want to lose weight!  I need to lose 50 LBS!

So, I start – on a Monday obviously!!!  Why would I start on any other day?!?!?  I weigh myself Monday morning!!!  I don’t really mind so much today- except that I’m a little shocked!!!  The scale told me that I weigh 190.  Really?!!?!?  I’m surprised, I didn’t think that I had gained that much.  I know that I’m “out of shape”.  I feel it when I bend over to put on my shoes or climb a flight of stairs. I’m completely out of breath.  But 190!??!?!  Ok- well today is day 1….

I’m eating a banana for breakfast, a salad for lunch and Salmon and broccoli for dinner. I’m not drinking anything other than black coffee and water!  There- that should do it for Day 1!!! I’m so hungry- I have a headache but I’m sure I’m just “detoxing”.

Sound familiar?  Read on…

Monday evening rolls around and I’m hopefully dreading (can you even feel that way?  I do!) that weigh-in tomorrow morning.  I skip dinner tonight and don’t drink any water.  I’ll just go to sleep so that I don’t feel the hunger pains anymore. 

Tuesday 6am the alarm goes off- I roll out of bed and make the trip to the bathroom hoping that I can drop a few LBS off in the porcelain throne. (C’mon Mel- really?? Some details don’t need to be shared) Then I step on the scale… Up 1 Pound!!  What the….?!?!?!? How???  I darn near starved myself and I’m up a pound…. You are grounded-I cannot believe you let me down, you tell yourself.  I will punish you extra by going to the gym for an hour tomorrow. 

Still sounding familiar?  Keep going.

Wednesday 6am, the alarm is ringing again- I roll out of bed feeling defeated but I got goals so you just gotta do what you gotta do, right?  Bathroom then scale.  WAHOOOO!  Down a pound!!!  I’m amazing!!! I’ve got this – I can do this.  I’m going to swing through Star-B’s and reward myself with a treat!  YAS!!

Thursday 6am alarm- so tired, eye still half closed.  Drag myself out of bed, step on the scale… Eyes wide open now!  I’ve gained back the pound I lost!!!  UGH- It must have been that Star-B’s!!! That’s it, I’m grounded again! No treats, 60 mins at the gym and no carbs!!!


So many people live their lives on the crazy cycle of restrict, results, reward, reprimand. By living this way, you are choosing to give the scale too much power in your life. 

When you weigh daily or even weekly, you are giving permission for the scale to tell you these things…

  1. The effectiveness of your workout
  2. Which foods your body needs
  3. What kind of a day you will have
  4. Your value

I pose to you these questions…

  • What does the scale know about your workout effectiveness?
  • How does the scale know what nutrition you need for the day?
  • Why should the scale tell you if you should have a bad day?
  • How does the scale know who you are as a person, at your core? 

I’m not saying that having a goal number is a bad thing, but I am saying that focusing on ONLY one measurement is.  Us, our lives, our days are made for so much more than our body’s relative mass.

Take your power back!! You choose to focus on the foods that best fuel your body.  You choose to crush your day with more energy than before. You choose tying your shoelaces without being breathless or lifting your child without groaning!!

You choose the measure of your life9

Keep What Sparks Joy?

During this season where people are spending more time at home there are many things that they are finding that have been on their “to do” list for a while but they never got around to it.  Things like spring cleaning, painting, home improvements and decluttering.  If you have watched Netflix, you have likely seen Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” or have read one of her books. She is known for suggesting that you ask yourself if an item ‘sparks joy’ while holding it.  If it does not, get rid of it and if it does then you keep it. 

The purpose of this is to get out of the habit of holding onto too many things or things that we don’t use.  Asking does this spark joy will help rid you of clothes, books, household items that don’t fit, don’t serve their purpose or that you don’t really use or like.  At the end, you will feel better about your space because it will be less cluttered and you will only have the items that you really like or mean something surrounding you.    

Imagine with me, you open your closet and every item of clothing fits you perfectly, flatters your shape, and is the right color for your skin tone. Every day when you pick your outfit you would feel amazing and your decisions would be much easier in the morning, right?  And it got me to thinking about expanding the ‘spark joy’ practice to other areas of our lives, specifically those that pertain to our health. 

For example, take inventory of your habits. Let’s walk through your routine together…

Does having the first cup of coffee spark joy- YES- of course it does (lol)! So, it stays. 

How about your workout?  Does that spark joy?  If not, then look at what do you find fun that’s active.  Maybe you have been dragging yourself to the treadmill every morning at 6am for years but don’t find joy in it.  Perhaps you need to take a spin or strength training class to break up the monotony. 

How about the negative self-talk?  Does that spark joy?  Most likely it sparks the opposite. Think through what you are negative about- can you fix that? If yes, implement a plan.  If no, then acknowledge that “it just is” and move along.    

I would also argue that there are some things that are mandatory that don’t necessarily spark joy.  For example, you have a fire extinguisher or smoke alarm in your house, but they don’t really spark joy (I hope they don’t spark at all) but they are beneficial and perhaps mandatory.  Getting dressed may not spark joy but it’s mandatory. You get the picture. 

What I’m saying is if it’s important to declutter your closet or home and keep only those things that have meaning, wouldn’t it be even more important to declutter your daily habits and thoughts?  You know, keep only those that provide a benefit, fulfill a purpose or spark joy. You might be surprised how good you feel!

Motivation Needed

Tips to staying motivated:
1. Set daily goals. First thing in the morning, look through your to do list and schedule and write down the top 3 things that you need to accomplish that day first. Then add in the other items after that.

2. Remind yourself why you started. Use places that you look frequently to post reminders of what is important to you and why. This way as you go through your day, your priorities are always in view.

3. Learn something new. Nothing will dry up excitement like the same ole, same ole. Try a new activity, read a new book, go to a new event. These things will help keep things from not becoming stale.

4. Hang out with motivated people. The old saying goes “Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” It’s true, find friends that are motivated or encouraged and you will become motivated and encouraged.

5. Reward your behavior changes. Finally hit all your workouts this week, reward yourself with a new workout shirt. You will have a tangible reminder of your success every time you wear it.

Don’t let the blues get you off track!

Live for Today

Today is NOT Yesterday!!

Don’t feel guilty for your yesterdays. You can always start fresh today. Skipped a workout, overindulged on the sweets, didn’t complete all your “to do” items…All these regrets take up valuable space in your mind and heart. Here’s what you do…
1. Acknowledge your thought or regret. Give it the proper amount of attention. Skipped a workout- not really a big deal- don’t waste another second. Failed to do something you promised- think about that for a minute or two.

2. Understand why. Why did you or didn’t you do that thing? Was the reason legitimate, an oversight or on purpose. Ask yourself, can I do something about it now? If yes, do it! If no, don’t dwell- move on.

3. Make changes for today!!! Prioritize your priorities! If health is a priority then meal plan today for tomorrow, or do your workout first thing in the day. At the very least schedule those things into your day and treat them as official appointments.

By keeping your regrets list clear, you will have more mental space to process and prioritize things as they come. Then you will be able to prioritize your priorities!!!!

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